eDream Photography

The Photographer
Michelle Willis grew up in Eagle River Alaska. She majored in Psychology at BYU and received her Master's in Counseling from the University of Utah. Soon after graduating, Michelle realized that her passion was photography. So if you aren't smiling for your pictures, you may get asked why you aren't smiling! Michelle's has combined her educational background and experience working with people with her skill and love for photography. When you work with Michelle, you'll be delighted at her open, friendly and passionate dedication to getting your pictures just perfect.

Although Michelle is a naturally gifted photographic artist, she felt the desire to study many different styles and aspects of photography along with the works of many famous photographers. In doing so she has borrowed, blended, revised and enhanced journalistic, magazine, classical, and contemporary styles to create her own unique genre which we call eDream Photography.

The Technology
eDream Photography is a leader in the field with a completely digital process. Indeed when the digital photographic process is done correctly, it can surpass even the quality of film. With Michelle's digital darkroom magic, your photo's will become life long family heirlooms and and cherished for generations. Come in and see the wonders that can be created with the lastest magazine and seamless album books using pure digital magic. Michelle uses only the latest digital equipment and top of the line processes.

If capturing your precious memories with style and elegance is your top priority, then check out the eDream photo gallery and see what we can do for you.